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Just a note on the sound clips:
Folks..I'm not a pro. I'm just messing around having fun :)
I've got my Carvin R600 and my Alesis SR-16 drum machine going to a mixer then to my computer. However, el chepo computer speakers will do the sounds no justice! Don't be afraid to play them on some good speakers. They might be recorded with a sound card, but I'm still an audiophile at heart.....sound quality is very important to me!

As far as naming the 'songs'...I'm not pompous or anything, it's just an easy way to identify the different riffs when played on different I like to think up clever names that fit the riffs.


The newest additon to the stable. I've always been a fan of instruments that go against the norm, and the Bongo caught my eye when it first came out. I've had lots of basses throughout the years, but up until I got the Bongo I had only bought 2 brand new basses. One was a Carvin six string which I sold a long time ago and was one of my first basses. The other is the G&L Tribute seen below, but I bought it knowing it wouldn't be my main player. The time came to treat myself to a brand new USA made 4 string  that could cover all the bases (so to speak). I remembered that Bongo! A dual pickup MusicMan bass not shaped like a big flat P-bass, AND has a 4 band onboard EQ with 18v electronics. Hey, looked good on paper..but how does she play? Like BUTTAH! Ordered it sight unseen on a trial basis and she' s not going back. It has an awesome 'jazz bass' growl that stops just about where the ESP below picks up. It actually has a similar sound to the G&L but has the advantage of mid control and a pickup blend knob which makes it a lot more versatile.

Battle Of Wits
Strings - Ernie Ball Slinky Nickel Rounds. Pickup selector - middle.

Battle Of Wits
Bridge pickup only. Bass - flat. Treble - all cut. Lower mid - flat. Upper mid - slight boost.

Battle Of Wits
Neck Pickup only. Bass - flat. Treble - all cut. Lower mid - flat. Upper mid - slight boost.


One word describes the tone of this bass...obnoxious! I got this hoping to get a good Jazz Bass growl, and it delivers 10 times over. The stock pickups were dumped in favor of a pair of DiMarzio UltraJazz complete with dual sound push/pull pots. I keep stainless steel roundwounds on it so it sounds like a freight train. If flats on a P-Bass is your favorite tone in the world, you'll cower in the corner like a little girl when you hear this one coming! The ESP J necks just kill, and above all it's GREEN! I always wanted a 'real' ESP, and I always wanted a 2-Tek 2 birds/one stone here. Geddy Lee would probably knock me out and steal this bass from me if he were to ever play it :)

Battle Of Wits
Strings - Ernie Ball Stainless Steel Roundwound Hybrid Slinky. Pickup selector - both pickups 100%. Neck series, bridge parallel.

Battle Of Wits
Neck pickup only, series.



The Hamer Cruise was another bass that I always wanted to try out. I was also kicking around the idea of getting a 4 string fretless. So when I saw this Cruise..with the 2Tek...and the epoxy fingerboard...I just couldn't resist. The stock pickups were just pure junk. They were supposedly Duncans, but I have my doubts as they were anemic. I ran across a sweet deal on some EMG JV's and they brought this baby to life (the pictures were taken with the stock pickups). Next up is a preamp upgrade! But with the EMG's and the BTC circuit and the sweet sweet fingerboard it makes a great sounding fretless.

Battle Of Wits
Strings - D'Aquisto Nickel Wound. Pickup selector- Neck 75%, Bridge 100%



This was my 2nd fretless, an upgrade from a Carvin...and what an upgrade! For fretless, it just don't get no finer!

Battle Of Wits
Strings - D'Aquisto Steel Flats. Pickup Selector - middle.


I always planned to add a 'budget' priced 5 string to the collection, it just happened a little sooner than planned when this came up at a great price. It's a G&L Tribute, which is made in Korea. However all the electronics are the same as the USA G&L models. Construction is more computerized than the USA hand made models, but the end result is an amazing instrument for the price. Sometimes I actually think that a USA 2500 slipped through, as I've never found another Tribute as good as this one. Even with nickel rounds this bass sounds huge and has incredible punch. The neck profile is simply perfect and I now understand why Leo Fender was so proud of the MFD pickups.

Battle Of Wits
Strings - SIT Power Wound Nickel. Pickup selector - Middle, passive, parallel. Bass - 5. Treble - 2.

Battle Of Wits
Pickup selector - Middle, active, series. Bass - 5. Treble - 2.


I have since sold the Warwick, but I'll keep its page up. I also managed to get a good sound clip before selling it.
I once had a USA Spector which didn't quite deliver the sound I wanted, but I never forgot the perfection of that body shape. I also had 2 Warwicks previously and I loved the wenge necks, so the Streamer brings those two aspects together. One of the most comfortable basses I've ever played, along with a great modern sound.

Chunky Monky
Strings - Dean Markley Blue Steel. Pickup selector - middle.



My vast array of bass guitars I've had through the years. I can't say I really really miss any of them, but they were all great at the time (some were huge disappointments considering the cost). If I had to have one back it would be the little Steinberger L2 just for the coolness factor.




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