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This is the one I'll never sell. I bought it new in early 1995, making it an 'old school' PRS so it's a classic!  I had no idea who Paul Reed Smith was when I bought it, and had no idea they were the hottest guitar on the market at that time. I played another  PRS at the store and knew right away I loved the sound and feel, and the carved top sealed the deal. I ordered this one with a flamed top in grey black and had to have the bird inlays which is no longer an option on the bolt on PRS guitars. It has the HFS pickup at the bridge and an Artist Bass at the neck. It actually seems to get better with age. I remember it was $1400 which included the hardshell case.  Good luck getting a new PRS with these features at that price!


Feeling the need for a guitar with single coil pickups and a guitar with a Floyd Rose style trem, this Zion covers all the basses. Zion guitars always seemed to catch my eye, starting with the Pickasso model I saw back in the 80's. A huge guitar store near me was a Zion dealer at the time, and I would walk past the F*nder wall to get to the Zion section..which was usually 1-2 guitars and I had to play them every time. They were always a bit too pricey new, so I grabbed this one up when I first saw it. I already had one Zion (which I foolishly sold just because it didn't have a tremolo) so I knew I wanted another. The quilted carved top is simply stunning and of course playability is top notch. The Kahler trem is the best FR type I've used. The stock pickups were yanked in favor of Joe Bardens at first, then eventually to Tom Andersons, complete with series/cut/parallel for the H3 humbucker.


My Soldano Decatone amp. For whatever reason, I went into amp buying backwards. I never messed with the normal stuff, I went right out and bought a Soldano!
Actually I did have a Fender Twin which I wish I would have kept. But anyway my first Soldano was a Hot Rod, then a Hot Rod +, then on to the Decatone which
I've had since the late 90's. I bought this when they first came out. You can click the previous guitars below to see some of the amps that have came and
went over the years, but the Soldano stays. I have since replaced the 4x12 with an Avatar 2x12 with Hellatone 60L's.




The gallery of past guitars. A vast array of instruments, that's for sure. In most cases I would buy these from eBay, fix them up, and move them on. You'd be surprised how little care people take of guitars, and when I got through with them they were better than new. This is how I learned how to work on guitars. Some of them are simply guitars I wanted to keep, but never played so I just couldn't justify it.


I got this not long after the Fly's came out, probably 1997 or so. Quite honestly I bought it A) Because it was so cool looking and 2) I wanted a killer acoustic/electric. I bought it sight unseen and when it arrived I was just floored. Pictures cannot do a Fly justice, you have to hold it and play it. You have to feel it resonate in your hands. The Parker plays even smoother than my PRS, I'm sure the wider neck, carbon fingerboard, and specialized frets are the main reasons. The Piezo pickup system is awesome, it makes me sound just like Dave Matthews!! Okay maybe not. The only thing about this guitar that didn't meet my 100% satisfaction were the magnetic pickups. They were replaced with the 2nd gen DiMarzio Fly pickups and wired to series/parallel/coil cut switches which opened up a world of sounds. People can say what they want about the DiMarzio pickups, but I'll put them up against anything any day of the week, especially the 2nd gens. The Fly sounds and plays like a dream and it weighs nothing. The contours of the guitar body makes it fit like a glove. I recently decided to go ahead and sell the Fly and get it into somebody's hands that will play it as often as it deserves.


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