You're looking at the 125" screen in my theater room, flanked by Paradigm Active Reference 40 speakers.
Also visible is the Paradigm Reference Center and the Paradigm Servo 15 subwoofer. On the table is a controller for the Xbox 360 and my Harmony 880 remote.

Home Theater equipment list:

Pre/Pro: Outlaw Audio 990
Front Speakers: Paradigm Active Studio 40's
Center Speaker: Paradigm Studio Center
Subwoofer: Paradigm Servo 15
Surrounds: Paradigm Studio LCR 450
DVD Jukebox: Sony 300 Disc
 CD/SACD/DVD-A Player: Marantz DV-6400
 DVD Carousel: Onkyo DVCP-702
CD Carousel: Onkyo DXC-390
Turntable: Denon DP-7F
 Optoma H31 DLP projector with 125" screen
Boston Acoustics A7200 7 channel amp for center/surrounds/zone2/bass shakers
I made most of the interconnect cables myself, and also the power cables for the Active 40's and Servo 15
Any cables I didn't make are Acoustic Research

Click here to see a running log from groundbreaking until finish!

Here are various pictures of the finished room, click to enlarge.